Wolfblood Series 5; Trailer, Synopsis and Airdate Revealed


It’s been just under a year since series 4 of Debbie Moon’s fantastic supernatural drama, Wolfblood started. So it’s the time of year for another series to start.

There will be 10 episodes this series, 2 less than series 5 and 3 less than series 1-3. The series begins on February 27 at 4:30pm. According to Moon, the times will vary, but I doubt it will be later than 5:30pm.

Here is the synopsis Moon released on her blog:

With the secret no longer a secret, the world has changed for Jana, Matei, Selina, TJ and Imara. Suddenly they’re the most visible wolfbloods on the planet, and everyone has an opinion about what they did. Some humans are excited by the reveal of this new species – and some are hostile and scared. As tensions rise on both sides, difficult choices lie ahead…

Two trailers have been released, a short one here:

and a longer one on the BBC iPlayer.

Spin-off Wolfblood Secrets has also been airing all week, all the episodes are also on the BBC iPlayer.


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