Dragons: Race to the Edge Premieres on CBBC on February 13


CBBC are set to air the third series of Dreamworks Animations’ Dragons TV series, Dragons: Race to the Edge. CBBC previously aired the last two series, Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk, both of which aired originally on Cartoon Network. However, Race to the Edge aired on Netflix. This makes it the second Netflix original to air on a kids TV channel after another Dreamworks Animation series, Dinotrux, which airs on Tiny Pop. The series is set between the first and second Dragons films.

Race to the Edge begins on February 13 at 18:00pm and will air every weekday. There are 13 episodes in this series, so it will likely end on March 1. It is currently unknown if CBBC will air the next two series, also under the Race to the Edge subtitle.

Here is the synopsis for the first episode, Eye of the Beholder: Part 1:

Hiccup and the Dragon Riders journey to Glacier Island in search of the Snow Wraith, a fearsome dragon that holds key to the Dragon Eye’s mysteries.

CBBC will also be airing a number of other Dragons film and shorts, here is the schedule, not including the daily Race to the Edge episodes:

February 13 (Monday)
08:55: How to Train Your Dragon (film; 2010)
15:40: Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon (short; 2010)

February 14 (Tuesday)
19:30: How to Train Your Dragon (film; 2010)

February 15 (Wednesday)
15:35: Book of Dragons (short; 2011)

February 16 (Thursday)
15:35: Gift of the Night Fury (short; 2011)

February 17 (Friday)
15:40: Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon (short; 2010)
19:25: How to Train Your Dragon 2 (film; 2014)


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