Review: Now You See It on CBBC


This show is interesting as it’s actually a shorter, 10 minute version of a BBC One show that has aired since 2015. After seeing the BBC One version, I’m not sure why they didn’t show it on CBBC to start with, but it can definitely appeal to a family audience.

Narrated by former Bake Off host, Mel Giedroyc, Now You See It features some of the best magic videos on the internet. It also features clips of older BBC magic shows. The clips on their own are very good, however slightly lazy that they didn’t make any of their own material. But Giedroyc’s narration definitely makes this worth watching.

It currently airs two episodes every weekday at 7:45am and 14:50pm (which moves to 15:50pm next week). I’m not sure why they are airing it at 14:50 because their audience will either be at or coming home from school. CBBC always fill a 30 minute block from 7:45 until 8:15 in the morning and NYSI is airing with Rank the Prank so it fits it nicely.

Overall, Now You See It is a good simple show featuring some great magic overlapped with a great narration. There isn’t much to it, but is another great CBBC breakfast show. (All Over the Place: Asia begins on January 16!)

Now You See It airs on CBBC weekdays at 7:45am and 14:50pm (15:50pm from next week).


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