Halloween Specials to Watch

It’s Halloween time, so here are some Halloween specials from CBBC and CITV to watch.

ChuckleVision: Halloween Specials
First aired: 31 October 1987
Synopsis: “Paul is presenting a Halloween special and frightens Barry with the legend of Ghostly Gertie the Phantom Tea Lady before they try to cast a spell”
Watch on Youtube

My Parents Are Aliens: Halloween
First aired: 4 October 2001
Synopsis: “It’s Halloween and Sophie learns about the joys of scaring people. Meanwhile, Lucy has to overcome her fear of the dark and Brian is worried about zombies invading.”
Watch on Dailymotion

My Parents Are Aliens: Halloween Tales
First aired: 28 October 2005
Synopsis: “Josh and Brian vie to see which of them can tell the scariest Hallowe’en story, but Sophie can’t understand why it’s fun to be frightened.”
Watch on Dailymotion

Horrid Henry: Horrid Henry’s Tricks and Treats
First aired: 31 October 2006
Synopsis: “It’s Halloween, and Horrid Henry can’t wait to go trick-or-treating to get his hands on sweets. That is, until he finds out he must go trick-or-treating with Perfect Peter, who’s wearing a bunny costume. Henry gives him a scary haircut, since he won’t go with Peter dressed as a bunny, but he gets banned from going trick-or-treating by his mother. But will that stop him from getting sweets…?”
Watch on Youtube

Horrible Histories: Scary Special
First aired: 31 October 2012
Synopsis: “Horrible Histories favourite Death, from ‘Stupid Deaths’, presents a show full of spooky highlights. We join him at home and get a look around as he reveals his creepiest moments.”
Watch on BBC iPlayer

Marrying Mum and Dad: Haunted House
First aired: 5 August 2013
Synopsis: “Charlie and Holly plan one of the cheekiest big days ever with their haunted house wedding, where their dad has to find the wedding rings in the spider cellar.”
Watch on BBC iPlayer

Hank Zipzer: Haunted Hank
First aired: 25 February 2014
Synopsis: “Nick McKelty oversteps the mark when he picks on Hank’s little sister Emily. To get revenge, Hank decides to make the world’s scariest haunted house.”
Watch on BBC iPlayer

Millie Inbetween: Trick or Treat
First aired: 29 October 2014
Synopsis: “It is Halloween and Amber brings her kids Fran and Jake over to Dad’s to meet the girls. But things are more frosty than spooky.”
Watch on BBC iPlayer

Eve: Things That Go Beep in the Night
First aired: 9 February 2015
Synopsis: “Will wants to take Eve to a Halloween party, but Nick forbids it. Katherine finds a way to track down the chip inside Eve.”
Watch on BBC iPlayer

Scream Street: Trick or Shriek
First aired: 31 October 2016
Synopsis: “Luke finds out that Scream Street doesn’t celebrate Halloween, and decides to introduce his friends to it. Unfortunately what start as innocent Halloween decorations end up as an army of man-eating pumpkins!”
Watch on BBC iPlayer


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