Dick and Dom in da Bungalow


Dick and Dom in da Bungalow was a Saturday morning TV series that aired on CBBC from August 31 2002, until March 11 2006. The series was hosted by none other than Dick & Dom, with a supporting cast of Ian Kirkby, Melvin Odoom, Lee Barnett and Dave Chapman. The four supporting actors would play a range of various different characters, including Harry Batt, The Prize Idiot, ‘The Cat’ and many more.

There were two episodes every week, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. There would be around five children, known as ‘Bungalow Heads’, who would compete in various games to earn ‘Bungalow points’. Players who came in third, second and first would win prizes. Players in first and second would usually win something like a TV or a CD Player. Players in third would win a useless item, like a ‘cheap skate’ or pond water from the River Hull. Other player would win nothing. In series 5, a celebrity would join them.  Celebrities on the show include Charlie Higson, Dani Harmer and Bobby Davro.

The show is easily most famous for the game ‘Bogies‘, where Dick and Dom would run around shouting bogies at people getting louder and louder.  There were a lot of great Bogies sessions:

The show had some really weird games, which include getting the Bungalow Heads to eat bowls of ‘creamy much muck’ (gunge) and Don’t Go Daddy.

Dick and Dom both have a great chemistry together, which makes the show work (they have worked together for over 20 years!). A lot of the features of the show are so stupid, which makes it funny. What made the show work, is that in real life Dick and Dom are real friends. The show would not be the same if they didn’t have a realy chemistry. Ian Kirkby as DC Harry Batt is easily one of the funniest characters in the show. When they take the mick out of other shows it is brilliant, especially Muck or No Muck with Ian Kirkby as Little Noely Edmonds.

What the main cast are doing now

Dick and Dom – Dick and Dom still present and star in many different different series for CBBC, currently they host Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom and Diddy TV, a spin-off of Da Bungalow with Diddy Dick and Dom.

Ian Kirkby – Ian starred in The Slammer as Mr. Burgess and also plays DC Harry Batt and various other characters in Diddy TV. Recently he has also had roles in Pete Verses Life and Topsy and Tim.

Melvin Odoom – After starring in The Slammer as Melvin, Melvin currently hosts Bang on the Money and The Xtra Factor. He also produced and starred in the web miniseries, You Only Marry Once.

Lee Barnett – After starring in The Slammer as Jeremy Gimbert, Lee was also in Melvin Odoom’s You Only Marry Once and acts in adverts.

Dave Chapman – Dave was also in The Slammer, as Peter Nokio. Dave has recently been in movies and TV series including Hacker TimeMuppets Most Wanted and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.




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