My Thoughts on the New CBBC Rebrand


For the first time since 2008, CBBC have a new logo! And it’s quite different…
As well as this, the CBBC Office has been dumped and replaced with the larger CBBC HQ.

So far, this new logo has had mixed opinions. One person (from The Guardian website) said:

Personally i like it – logos aren’t just about a static image anymore, watch the video – it’s fun and dynamic, exactly what an identity should be for a childrens brand.

Whilst another person who wasn’t so enthusiastic simply said:

Yuk. Design disaster.

It has also been noted that is looks like something that the team from the BBC’s sitcom W1A would design, this was also what many people said about the recent BBC 3 logo.

Personally, I quite like it. The bright colours, combined with the simple design feels like a really good logo for a kids’ TV channel. It is also easier to be placed into apps, which seems to be the main reason it was changed anyway.

It also works well animated used in the idents between programmes:

Another critisism was that you can’t tell it says CBBC. Whilst it is quite difficult to make out the letters, it doesn’t have to say the letters to be associated with it. For example, the NBC logo is usually featured without the letters:

The CBBC HQ is much bigger than the CBBC office, giving it a CITV’s Scrambled or Blue Peter type feel. The colour purple is also mostly used, compared to the green of the former CBBC Office.

Anyway, surely it must be time for CBeebies to get a new logo. However, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.



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