Game Shows: The Movie Game

the movie game

The Movie Game was a game show that aired on the CBBC block on BBC 1 from June 8, 1988 until December 25, 1995. It had three different hosts: Phillip Schofield (series 1-3), Johnathon Morris (series 4-6) and John Barrowman (series 7-8). There was also a robot titled ‘Electrics’. For me, John Barrowman was the best presented out of the three, he was the most funny and very energetic.

This game show’s premise featured three teams of kids answering questions about movies, the team with the least amount of points of each round would be elminiated.  I love movies (my favourite is Raiders of the Lost Ark), so when I found out this existed a few months ago, I went out and watched as much of this series as I could find (which sadly, isn’t that much).

As with many other game shows on CBBC and CITV around the 80s and 90s, the set is very colourful (as well as John Barrowman’s shirts!). Similar to Fun House, Finders Keepers and Get Your Own Back, however it could have done with some gunge (though pretty much everything can be improved with gunge). Heck, even the awful Take Me Out would be much better with a good bit of gunge.

But now back to The Movie Game. The prizes were brilliant. They ranged from director’s chairs, movie tickets, VHS tapes and even meeting Steven Spielberg!

But the best part of the show was easily the end game, a real life board game (similar to Board Game Island on Wii Party). With a bigger set, the end game would be brilliant (perhaps similar to Jungle Run).

Overall, if you love movies, The Movie Game is a must-see. However, some of the questions are a little easy for film fans!

Here is an episode:



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