Game Shows: Get Your Own Back



Get Your Own Back was a game show which aired on BBC One (and later on the CBBC channel) from 1991 until 1994, repeats aired for a few years after that (I believe the last time it was aired was on January 26, 2009). It was hosted by the very enthusiastic Dave Benson Phillips and was also later co-hosted by Lisa Brockwell.

The first few series has a very basic and small set. But it was very colourful (a bit like a cross between On Safari and Fun House). There was quite a big change around 1996, the set was bigger (like in the picture at the top of this post), there was a bigger studio audience and it felt like a bigger, more expensive show.

There were a lot of games that varied every episode, but most (if not all) were very active, also like Fun House. In fact,  the first few series did feel very similar to Fun House, just not as good. The later series were much more enjoyable, in my opinion. As well as the running time being extended 15 minutes to 25 minutes (15 minutes feels far too short for a game show).

But we have not seen the last of Get Your Own Back, it returned as a live show form last year, it is set to return this year and it according to Dave Benson Phillips, it may come back to TV in the future.

So stay tuned for more news about it on the official GYOB Twitter here and Dave Benson Phillips’ Twitter here.

Many of the episodes are avaliable to watch on Youtube.




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