Series That Have Pretty Much Been Forgotten: Gran


Gran was the second series from Ivor Wood’s Woodland Animations (other series include Postman PatBertha and Charlie ChalkGran only lasted from February to May 1983.

The series follows and unnamed Gran and her grandson Jim who take part in different storylines, which can vary. Each episode has a different situation, some follow Gran as she rapairs a clock, others can see her taking up skiing.

Gran is my least favourite of Ivor Wood’s other series, the episodes were much shorter than the others and Gran herself is quite a boring and uninteresting character. Patricia Hayes doesn’t do a very good job with the voice acting, noticeably for Jim.

However, the show does have a very nostalgic feel of visiting your Grandma when you were younger. The pace isn’t too fast and the lighting (especially with the use of shadows) give it a very warm feeling. As with other Ivor Wood shows, the animation is very good, all the characters’ movements are very fluid. All of Ivor Wood’s shows also seem to have a similar character design, the characters often have small eyes and big noses (which was also used in Aardman’s Arthur Christmas).

The score by Bryan Daly is quite nice to listen to, it’s quite upbeat for a show about a Grandma. The theme tune is also quite catchy.

Though, a better show about Grans would certainly be SuperGran.

You can view my favourite episode Gran’s Good News here, thanks to OkuSims



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