British Kids’ TV Awards 2015

For this I will be using the same catagories as the BAFTA Children’s Awards (for the TV catagories).


  1. Thunderbirds Are Go
  2. Danger Mouse
  3. Shaun the Sheep


  1. CITV
  2. CBBC
  3. CBeebies


  1. Horrible Histories
  2. Gigglebiz
  3. All At Sea


  1. The Dumping Ground
  2. Katie Morag
  3. The Sparticle Mystery


  1. Sam and Mark’s Big Friday Wind-Up
  2. Blue Peter
  3. Scrambled!


  1. Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom
  2. Operation Ouch
  3. All Over the Place


  1. Adventure Time
  2. SpongeBob SquarePants
  3. Phineas and Ferb


  1. Jessica Ransom (Various; Horrible Histories)
  2. Justin Fletcher (Various; Gigglebiz)
  3. Connor Byrne (Mike Milligan; The Dumping Ground)

Pre-school animation

  1. Clangers
  2. Sarah and Duck
  3. Octonauts

Pre-school live-action

  1. Gigglebiz
  2. The Furchester Hotel
  3. Old Jack’s Boat


  1. Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes (Sam and Mark’s Big Friday Wind-Up)
  2. Barney Harwood (Blue Peter)
  3. Sam Homewood (Scrambled!)

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