Series That Have Pretty Much Been Forgotten: Tube Mice


Tube Mice was a very short lived cartoon which aired on CITV from August 25, 1988. It was produced by Honeycomb Animation, who are also known for series such as Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids and Wolves, Witched and Giants.

It followed the adventures of four mice: Vernon (George Cole), Toaster (Dennis Waterman), Bubble (Shelia Hyde) and Squeak (Ruper Farley) who live at Oxford Circus tube station.

As the episodes are only five minutes long, the stories aren’t that great. The animation is very bouncy, and no where near as good as Homeycomb’s later series.

I do, however, like the fifth episode (Mouses of Parliament). It makes good use of the fact that it is set in London by incorporated politics.

I’m not surprised it has been forgotten, it barely aired after the series had ended, the episodes were only five minutes long (so it would have been overshadowed by other programming) and the stories are very bland.

But see what you think, here is Mouses of Parliament thanks to TheAnimatorVHS on Youtube.



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