My Parents Are Aliens

My Parents Are Aliens (often known as MPAA) is probably the most repeated show on CITV ever (apart from possibly Art Attack). It lasted just over 7 years and had over 100 episodes.mpaa

The show originally featured three orphans (Mel, Josh and Lucy Barker) who were adopted by two aliens (Brian
and Sophie Johnson). Mel left to go to Canda at the end of series 6, two new orphans joined (C.J. in series 6 and Harry in series 7). There isn’t a recurring plot throughout the episodes, but occasionally there were some two-parters.

The best series were from two to 7. I found two big problems with series 1 and 7:

Series 1: Barbara Durkin was nowhere near as good as Carla Mendonca playing Sophie. Her voice became incredibly grating after a while, which really affected the delivery of her lines. The other problem for me was that the three children were less funny than they were in later series.

Series 7: Brian and Sophie had left the Barkers and lived with a new family, the Bennetts. The Bennetts weren’t as funny as the Barkers and it was far too much of a change from the previous 7 series.

Despite those two series, MPAA was one of the funniest CITV shows at the time and I still often find myself watching repeats.

Most (if not all) of the MPAA episodes are avaliable on Youtube.


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