Your Guide to British Kids’ TV This Christmas: December 15, 2015

Now on to Tuesday, 15 December. This day some great episodes!


Millie Inbetween – A Different Christmas (repeat, 4:30pm)
Dani’s Castle – Christmas Special (new, 5:00pm)
The Dumping Ground – Jody in Wonderland (repeat, 5:30pm)
Merry Madagascar (TV special, 6:25pm)


Magic Hands – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (repeat, 4:30pm)
Messy Goes to OKIDO – A Messy Night Before Christmas (new, 4:50pm)
Octonauts Special – Operation Deep Freeze (new, 5:00pm)
Gigglebiz – A Christmas Special (repeat, 5:30pm)
The Furchester Hotel – Monster Monster Day (repeat, 5:45pm)


My Parents Are Aliens – First Christmas: Part 2 (repeat, 5:35pm)

Pick of the day:

The second part of the MPAA Christmas special is well worth checking out, if you like animation you should consider watching Merry Madagascar.



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