Your Guide to British Kids’ TV This Christmas – December 14

I’m back, I finally decided to return to the blog after a few months hiatus. For the next few days, I will be showing you what British kids’ TV is on this Christmas.

Today is showing you TV on December 14th.


Sidekick – Beneath the Missile-toe (repeat, 3:15pm)
4 O’Clock Club – Christmas (repeat, 4:30pm)
Eve – Christmas Eve (new, 5:00pm)
The Boy in the Dress (TV movie, 5:30pm)


Let’s Play – Christmas Elf (repeat, 10:05am and 2:05pm)
My Pet and Me – Reindeer (repeat, 4:30pm)
Wussywat the Clumsy Cat – Snow (new, 4:45pm)
Tree Fu Tom – The Sprite Before Christmas (repeat, 5:00pm)
Justin’s House – All Wrapped Up (repeat, 5:25pm)


Horrid Henry – Horrid Henry and the Cracking Christmas (repeat, 4:15pm)
My Parents Are Aliens – First Christmas: Part 1 (repeat, 5:35pm)

Pick of the day:

The Boy in the Dress and My Parents Are Aliens are both extremely funny. If you want straight out comedy, then watch MPAA but for comedy with a more serious tone, watch The Boy in the Dress.



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