Share a Story 2015 Winning Stories Airing

According to the online ITV guide, the winning stories will be airing on Monday September 26, 2015! The 2015 Winners Journey will also be airing.

As always, I’m sure they will be fantastically written, voiced and animated. I look forward to viewing them all, I may review some of them. Since they may not be shown on the digital TV guide, I have put what shows it is between so it will make it easier to watch them all. There is also a description of the story.

Here is the airing times:

Name: Winners Journey 2015 (also aired at 11:25am, between Almost Naked Animals and Horrid Henry)
Time: 6:20am
A look at how this year’s BAFTA award-winning Share a Story competition has chosen its five winning stories – one from each age category – from aged 5, up to 10. Between: Dino Dan: Trek’s Adventures and Nerds and Monsters

Name: Chilly the Polar Bear (also aired at 12:30pm between Horrid Henry and Mr. Bean and at 4:55pm between Ninja Warrior UK and Nerds and Monsters)
Harry Grove
Description: You would think a polar bear would be used to the arctic cold… not Chilly. His attempts to keep warm elevate him to super stardom.
Between: Nerds and Monsters and Pokemon the Series: XY

Name: Pod the Odd Person (also aired at 1:25pm between Mr. Bean and Nerds and Monsters and at 5:25pm between Nerds and Monsters and House of Anubis)
By: Serafina Wagner
Time: 7:25am
Description: A strange but touching tale of one individual’s rise from zero to cult hero. Upside down and the wrong way round, it’s good to be different.
Between: Pokemon the Series: XY and Ben 10: Omniverse

Name: The Naughty Panda and Her Army of Ants (also aired at 3:30pm between Horrid Henry and Mr. Bean)
By: Hannah Robinson
Time: 9:20am
Description: A story about a couple of pandas, an army of ants and a pair of pants.
Between: Horrid Henry and Mr. Bean

Name: Fug – The Stone Age Brain Box (also aired at 3:55pm between Mr. Bean and Ninja Warrior UK)
By: Finley Williams
Time: 10:25am
Description: The rather silly tale of how mankind discovered rather than invented fire. Featuring the odd angry dinosaur and a creative cro-magnon – watch the sparks fly!
Between: Mr. Bean and Almost Naked Animals

Name: A Shark Who Swallowed the Sea (also aired at 5:55pm after House of Anubis)
By: Heidi Hogarth
Time: 2:25pm
Description: A very salty tale or should that be tail? A greedy shark bites off more than he can chomp, then drinks an entire ocean with alarming consequences.
Between: Nerds and Monsters and Horrid Henry

I hope you are all excited to see them!


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