New To CITV: Oddbods and The Tom and Jerry Show; Super 4 Series 2!

The exciting news that is 2 new shows on CITV have been announced! They are Oddbods and The Tom and Jerry Show! There is also the exciting news that Super 4 has been renewed for another season!

Five minute Oddbods shorts will air this Autumn, and longer episodes will air in Spring 2015.

Created and produced by One Animation, Oddbods follows the adventures of seven characters, each with distinctive colours, characteristics and personalities. Its non-dialogue, slapstick comedy targets a family audience. TVSGE will be seeking licensing partners to launch a range of Oddbods spin-off merchandise to target the kids and early teens markets from the third quarter of 2016.

I have seen some of the Oddbods shorts on Youtube, they are quite funny. I am excited to see longer episodes.

The Tom and Jerry Show


Clips from The Tom and Jerry Show were seen on the CITV ‘Govember’ promo, confirming that it will air in November 2015

Tom and Jerry are back. The animated cat-and-mouse duo known for their cartoon violence star in half-hour episodes that are split into two segments.

I have seen some of The Tom and Jerry Show, it feels just like the original. I don’t mind the Flash animation. I highly suggest you check it out when it airs.

Super 4 Season 2

Fans of the Playmobil-inspired series, Super 4 will be pleased as it has now been renewed for a second series! Super 4 toys are also now available at stores such as Amazon and Argos.

Animated comedy adventure series featuring a gang of heroes who protect the city of Technopolis and its King Kenric against evil elements.

I am a big fan of Super 4 and I am looking forward to new episodes.


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