Horrid Henry Day on September 24, 2015!

On September 24, 2015, CITV will be airing all Horrid Henry from 9:25am! This also includes the 2011 film, Horrid Henry: The Movie!

Sadly, I am away on the day this takes place. So I won’t be able to watch it. But I will make sure I record Horrid Henry: The Movie, as I think it’s a great movie. The episodes aired are all from series 4, so I may also record some episodes as I missed some from that series.

Here is the schedule:
09:25am: Horrid Henry: The Movie
11:15am: Horrid Henry’s Comic Caper (series 4, episode 1)
11:30am: Horrid Henry Knows It All
11: 45am: Horrid Henry Does His Homework
12:00pm: Horrid Henry: Hit Song
12:15pm: Horrid Henry Rewrites the Rules
12:30pm: Horrid Henry: I Am Not a Hamster
12:45pm: Horrid Henry Plays Air Guitar
1:00pm: Horrid Henry and the Single Sock Saga
1:15pm: Horrid Henry Tells the Truth
1:30pm: Horrid Henry Takes the Blame
1:45pm: Horrid Henry Tells the Truth
2:00pm: Horrid Henry Flicks the Bogey
2:15pm: Horrid Henry Loses Rude Ralph
2:30pm: Horrid Henry Eco Warrior
2:45pm: Horrid Henry Goes to School
3:00pm: Horrid Henry and the Phantom Phone
3:15pm: Moody Margaret for President
3:30pm: Horrid Henry and the Dangerous Data
3:45pm: Horrid Henry Gives it All Away
4:00pm: Horrid Henry’s Marvelous Motto
4:15pm: Horrid Henry Meets Mr. Tiddler
4:30pm: Horrid Henry and the Purple Pass
4:45pm: Hashtag Henry
5:00pm: Horrid Henry Goes on Strike
5:15pm: Horrid Henry’s Daring Deed
5:30pm: Horrid Henry and the Catastrophic Cushion
5:45pm: Horrid Henry Meets Mr. Tiddler

Several episodes are aired more than once.


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