Scream Street Episode 1 Review: Scream Clean

First off, I will point off that the first episode (Scream Clean) is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. It will air on CBBC on Wednesday, 21st October. You can watch it here. Each episode will air every Wednesday.

It is based on a series of books by Tommy Donbavand (who is also a writer for The Bash Street Kids in The Beano). Here is just some of the great voice actors in this series (followed by any other British Kid’s TV series that they have been in):

  • Tyger Drew-Honey (The Large Family, Friday Download, The Ministry of Curious Stuff)
  • Rasmus Hardiker (Thunderbirds Are Go, Danger Mouse)
  • Tala Gouveia (Fit)
  • Claire Skinner (Rupert Bear, Tilly and Friends)
  • Jim Howick (Hounded, Horrible Histories, Yonderland)
  • Debra Stephenson (ChuckleVision, MI-5, Rocket’s Island, Zig and Zag)
  • John Thomson (Bill and Ben, Strange Hill High, Sooty)

Stop-motion doesn’t happen that much in TV these days, likely due to how long it takes to make. The only other currently running stop-motion TV series is Shaun the Sheep. But, the stop-motion in this series looks really nice and fluid. Especially when Luke turns into a werewolf, which we didn’t see much of in episode 1. My only minor problem with the animation is that sometimes the lip sync seemed off. I wasn’t sure about the theme tune either, but that doesn’t really matter.

I loved the use of magic in this episode, especially the special effects used for it. I also liked the band used at the end (performed by Rasmus Hardiker). I would love to hear an album, but I highly doubt that it will happen.

I did find myself finding it a little boring at times, I felt it needed more horror and less comedy. But since this is only the first episode, I will let them off. Hopefully it gets better eventually.

I also wonder how the ratings for the first episode will do, since they are putting the first episode online first. I also haven’t seen much advertising for it. I watch CBBC quite a bit, and I only saw ONE advert.

Overall, I give Scream Street:
6.5/10 (but I’m sure it will improve).


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