Magazine Review: Thunderbirds Are Go Issue 1

The first issue of the new Thunderbirds Are Go magazine published by DC Thomson (known for The Beano and The Dandy), DC Thomson will also be publishing a Danger Mouse magazine in the future which I’ll take a look at. This magazine is 36 pages long, costs £3.99, includes a gift and will be published every 4 weeks.

First off, the free gift for this issue is a small Thunderbird 1 figure, it is quite nice and seems to be made out of plastic and rubber. Luckily, the plastic isn’t hollow and doesn’t feel cheap. I’m surprised at how detailed it is, seeing as it’s a free gift.

The magazine is mostly puzzles and facts, which are ok, but makes it seem like it is aimed at a much younger audience than it should be. But, I have completed some of the puzzles and the are quite fun. One of my favourite features of this magazine is the Thunderbird 4 poster on Page 2. It looks so beautiful and I think the artist should get a pat on the back. I really want to cut the poster out, but I don’t want to damage the magazine. So I might photocopy it.

Another of my favourite features is a set of three short comics on page 16, they are titled “F.A.B. Day Out”, “Hoodwinked” and “Thunderbirds Are Glow” (Thunderbirds Are Glow is also a pun used in series 1 episode 6, Unplugged). I really want to know who the artist for these are, since they all look beautiful.

There is a story, but it’s Ring of Fire (Part 1) screencaps with captions and speach bubbles, it’s still nice to read.

Overall, I think the Thunderbirds Are Go magazine is good in places, but need more comics and stories with less puzzles.

I might buy the second issue, since the free models do look very nice and I did enjoy the magazine.

Here is what is in this issue:

PG 1: Cover
PG 2: Thunderbird 4 poster
PG 3: Contents
PG 4-5: Fact File: Scott Tracy
PG 6: Gordon the Joker! (joke page)
PG 7-10: Ring of Fire (Part 1)
PG 11: Go Gordon! (puzzle page)
PG 12: Time to Launch! (puzzle page)
PG 13: Teenage Tricks! (prank page)
PG 14: Virgil Tracy poster
PG 15: What’s Your Ring of Fire Mission Name? (puzzle page)
PG 16: Comics
F.A.B. Day Off
Thunderbirds Are Glow
PG 17: Thunderbirds Are Go toys advert
PG 18: Tracy Talk (fan page where you can send in questions)
PG 19: TB5 Test (competition)
PG 20-23: Ring of Fire (Part 1) Continued…
PG 24-25: Build your own launch pad (make page)
PG 26: We Have a Situation! (puzzle page)
PG 27: Tracy Island Facts!
PG 28-31: Ring of Fire (Part 1) Continued…
PG 32: Reveal the Villain (puzzle page)
PG 33: Subscription offer
PG 34: Thunderbirds Are Who (fact page)
PG 35: Next time
PG 36: Back cover

My next post will be a review of the first episode of the new Scream Street series, Scream Clean, which premiered on BBC iPlayer before airing on Wednesday, 21st October. So make sure you watch it here!


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