Rainbow is a show which aired on ITV from September 1, 1972 until December 31, 1992. 20 years! It later had a spin-off called Rainbow Toy Shop which aired from 1994 until 1995. The original series had 23 series and 1071 episodes!

Most people are familiar with Geoffrey Hayes as the presenter, but it originally had David Cook and a very different looking Bungle and Zippy (there was no George).

My favourite parts were with the band. It has had 3 lineups: Rod, Jane and Matthew, Rod, Jane and Rodger and the most remembered was Rod, Jane and Freddy. Rod, Jane and Freddy later has their own show titled ‘The Rod, Jane and Freddy Show’.

The show is pretty simple and mostly boring, but some parts were incredibly funny. Our good friends at Den of Geek made a post compiling ‘the 18 most awesome things Rainbow’s Bungle has done’. You can view that here.

With all the reboots around, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rainbow is rebooted in the future.


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