My Interview With Ben Ward (Head Writer on Danger Mouse)

I recently spoke to Ben Ward. He is the head writer on Danger Mouse and has previously worked on Gigglebiz, Horrible Histories and The Basil Brush Show. Here it is:

Me: Hello! I loved Danger Mouse. I have 5 or 6 questions for you!

Me: You have written for a number of both live-action and animated shows over the years, how different is it for live-action and animation?

BW: Honestly, I approach them the same in terms of character and story. The process is different by necessity though.

Me: Currently, Danger Mouse is trending in the UK? Were you expecting this much success so quickly?

BW: It’s a part of our culture so I guess we knew it would be talked about. But you never assume success. We’re fans of the original and did our best to do a modern version of the show we loved. The rest is wishful thinking.

Me: Did you watch Danger Mouse when you were growing up? If you did, did you include any of the same jokes or stories in this new series?

BW: Yes. We have consciously used things that fans of the original will love as a reference. But I don’t think we’ve just xeroxed a gag. Could have happened though. There were a lot of eps and we might have done it be accident.

Me: Are you currently writing on any other shows besides Danger Mouse? I noticed on your IMDB you were writing for Gigglebiz, a show I still find hilarious even though I have grown up!

BW:  Look out for Scream Street.*

Me: I remember hearing about Scream Street a little while ago. Are you head writer on it, or just a writer?

BW: Just a writer. Giles pilbrow in the driving seat.

Me: Have there been any talks of a second series yet? Even though it has only just started, the recent Thunderbirds reboot was picked up for a second series months before it had started!

BW: There’s plenty of scope but we’ve still got 50 more to show!

Me: Finally, in the first episode, their were many 4th wall jokes, Will this continue through the series, and do you have a favourite joke that you wrote for this series?

BW: Yes it’s an important part of the show. Too many to choose from but I like the subtle ones. Barons email is barongreenback32 like there are 31 other baron greenbacks who got there first. That always makes me smile.

Me: I wonder if anyone will make that Baron Greenback email real…

Me: Thanks for answering these questions Ben, I look forward to watching more Danger Mouse and Scream Street!

BW: No worries. Ta ta.

Thanks to Ben Ward for this interview, check out his website here:

*Scream Street is a stop-motion series starting on CBBC next year.


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