Danger Mouse Review: Danger Mouse Is Back… Again

The new series of Danger Mouse premiered today on CBBC, it was a great show. The animation is flash, but it’s good flash. It also happens to be animated by Boulder Media, who have also animated shows such as The Amazing World of Gumball and Wander Over Yonder.

The 4th wall jokes in this series were great, as they were in the original series. I laughed my head of at the set sharing joke, according to Ben Ward (who I interviewed) they will continue throughout the series. The new Professor wasn’t as good as the original, her voice was a bit grating at time. But still an ok character. I like the design of DM’s new iPatch. A great concept, 2 Brownie points go to whoever thought of it.

I love the mixed media approach, the characters surprisingly fitted in quite well with some of the live-action backgrounds.The story was about DM getting fired for destroying London, and Baron Greenback becomes good and builds robots to defend famous people (or in this show’s case, animals). The voice actors did very well, especially Kevin Eldon as Penfold (who had some great lines).

Overall, I think this was a reboot to a classic show. I will certainly be watching more.


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