Best British Kid’s TV For Monday 7, 2015 – Sunday 13, 2015

This week has a load of great British Kid’s TV. Here are my picks:

House of Anubis – Season 3 of House of Anubis kicks off with a half-hour special. In this episode, House of Arrivals, Fabian is devastated that Nina is not coming back to Anubis. This show is a great blend of mystery and a small bit of horror. It is on CITV on Monday 7th September at 5:30pm .

Our School: What Happened Next? – A year after Our School started on CBBC, we see what the kids featured in the show are doing in Year 8. It is on CBBC on Monday 7th September at 5:00pm.

Bob the Builder – New episodes of Bob the Builder are on Channel 5 every weekday at 7:20am. The new episodes are: Scoop’s Big BreakBob the BraveSaffi’s TreehouseCats and Dogs and Workshop Makeover.

Hacker’s Birthday Bash: 30 Years of Children’s BBC – A celebration of 30 years of Children’s BBC. There will be guests, clips and a brand new presenter. It is on CBBC on Wednesday 9th September at 6:00pm.

Blue Peter – In this episode of Blue Peter, there are World Records and Chart Toppers. It is on CBBC on Thursday 10th September at 5:00pm.

Horrible Science – A new show to CITV, starring Ben Miller. This episode is about Deadly Diseases. It is on CITV on Sunday 13th September at 9:00am.

Repeat of the Week

This week, there are repeats of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids and Wolves, Witches and Giants (which was recently 20 years old) on CITV every weekday at 9:55am. There are also Repeats of Thunderbirds Are Go every weekday at 7:45am.


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