A Look At The First Two Episodes of Lavender Castle

So now I have watched the first two episodes of Lavender Castle, I will give my thoughts on the series so far.

First off, the stop-motion in this series is beautiful! Cosgrove Hall Films did a F.A.B. job on it. The CGI used in it isn’t so good, but I will let it off since it was made in 1999.

The stories have been quite good, but I felt they could do with being longer. Perhaps a 22 minute show instead of 10 minutes. Some parts feel a bit rushed.

I love the background music in this show (composed by Crispin Merrell), it really adds to the feel of the show.

One thing that bugs me are the character voices. For example David Holt uses the same voice for Sproggle as he does for Pinky in The Pinky and Perky Show reboot.

But so far I’m enjoying it and I am excited to watch more.


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